Sprouted Bean Soup Recipe

To use my sprouted beans (how to do that I’ve linked here) I decided a soup would be best. I kind of winged the recipe but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out so I thought I would share. Plus if you go to the trouble of sprouting the beans it’s good to know what to use it in.

Again apologies for the lack of quantities I like to chuck stuff in as I go but I encourage people to take my recipes and make it their own. Add more of your favourite ingredients and less of things you dislike or remove them completely. Up to you. Half the fun of cooking is experimenting!


Sprouted black beans

Lentils (you could sprout these too but I hadn’t sprouted any at the time)

2 small onions

50g – 100g mushrooms

1 Green pepper

3 to 4 garlic cloves (smallish)

1 tsp marmite

2 tsp cumin

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp fenugreek

Veggie stock cube

One chilli

For topping (optional) fresh chilli, coriander and 1/4 tsp miso paste.


I fried the onions off and then the veg. Added the beans and lentils for a few minutes of frying. Add garlic and chilli at end. I don’t fry my garlic off for very long as it burns so easily.

Added the stock and water (mix as per packet or just completely wing it like me).

Bring to boil and watch the lentils as they are a pain for catching at the bottom. Keep adding water to how watery you want it.

Add spices etc and season. Hold fast on the salt as the stock will probably be salty enough plus miso is super salty but if you don’t add that and like it on the salty side then add some more in. I am loving ground white pepper at the moment so added a good heaped tsp of that.

When I served the soup into the bowl I added some miso stirred in and topped with fresh chilli, coriander and blobbed some sriracha around.

Let me know if you try to to make this and you like it.



  1. Looks really good. I’ve only eaten sprouted beans raw before. In a cooked dish like this, does the sprouting add flavor? Or is the sprouting more about adding nutrition from the sprouting process?


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